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Japan Visit 2018 – Part 2 Tokyo

29th September -The second place in Japan the students visited was Tokyo. They stayed in Asakusa,  a relatively quiet area of Tokyo reminiscent of 'Old Tokyo' on the west side of the city. This is also the location of the Buddhist Senso-ji Temple and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Compared to Mashiko this was a very different experience of [...]

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Exhibition – Hand Built

The next exhibition to open in the gallery was the Hand Built Exhibition. This exhibition followed on from the trip to Japan and Masterclasses with Ken Matsuzaki and John Higgins. This exhibition also reflected the current student project focusing on hand build techniques and forms. The exhibition showcases different ways to hand build and use [...]

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Japan Visit 2018 – Part 1 Mashiko

In September 12 students from Clay College went on an immersive trip to Japan. This was to augment their understanding of Japanese ceramic techniques and inform their future practice. The visit also enabled a long term link between the College and potters in Japan, specifically Mashiko to develop. 24th September - After a long flight [...]

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