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Potterycrafts Visit

20th November - Students are currently studying a teapot and lighting project. As part of the project they have been introduced to moulds and mould making. They also have to make and cast from mould during the projects. This week they visited Potterycrafts  to see their mould making department and get an idea of the high [...]

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Japan Visit 2018 – Part 2 Tokyo

29th September -The second place in Japan the students visited was Tokyo. They stayed in Asakusa,  a relatively quiet area of Tokyo reminiscent of 'Old Tokyo' on the west side of the city. This is also the location of the Buddhist Senso-ji Temple and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Compared to Mashiko this was a very different experience of [...]

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Japan Visit 2018 – Part 1 Mashiko

In September 12 students from Clay College went on an immersive trip to Japan. This was to augment their understanding of Japanese ceramic techniques and inform their future practice. The visit also enabled a long term link between the College and potters in Japan, specifically Mashiko to develop. 24th September - After a long flight [...]

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Gladstone Festival of Firing

Stoke on Trent has a rich history of ceramics and is renowned for its bottle kilns. However the last bottle kiln was fired in the city in August 1978. To mark the 40th anniversary of this event a summer programme of activities had been organised by Gladstone Pottery Museum. This culminated in a final festival [...]

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Wood Fired Kiln Build

The wood kiln that was chosen for the college was a train kiln designed by renowned Australian potter, Steve Harrison. Steve has an international reputation for his pots, for making his own clays and glazes from local materials and for his hand-built electric, gas and wood-fired kilns. He joined the students for two weeks to [...]

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Exhibition – Wood Fire

To coincide with Steve Harrison visiting to build the wood kiln the gallery also hosted a Wood Fire Exhibition. The exhibition featured different approaches to wood-fired pottery through the work of leading potters; Svend Bayer, Matthew Blakely, Nic Collins, Nancy Fuller, Steve Harrison, Stephen Parry and Rizü Takahashi. During the opening the college was visited [...]

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Wood Kiln Site

During a the first half of the year whilst most days were spent at the main site of Middleport, time was also found to work and finish preparation on the site the wood kiln was to be built. Over winter Richard Heeley (Tutor) had begun with preparations on site. The area to be used had [...]

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Clay College at Maze Hill for London Craft Week 2018

Lisa Hammond (Trustee) opened her studio to host Clay College’s students in London for London Craft Week 2018. The weekend featured demonstrations by Lisa, Darren Ellis, apprentice Dom Upson and Kevin Millward, with an exhibition by Maze Hill Pottery and Clay College. This weekend was a rare opportunity to see the work of Clay College [...]

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Gas Reduction Firing

April brought with it better weather and the opportunity to fire reduction fire pieces made for stoneware briefs. In many cases this was the first opportunity students had had to reduction fire and work with a gas kiln. Onsite there is a large brick gas kiln that students use for firing. Using this kiln helps [...]

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Founders Day

In March there was finally an opportunity to celebrate how much progress had been made in just over a year and a half, from initial fundraising, recruiting students and opening the college. To celebrate a wide range of supporters who had helped in a wide range of ways to achieve the college goals were invited [...]

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