Richard St. John Heeley- Tea Bowl

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Richard St. John Heeley- Tea Bowl


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Product Description

Tea Bowl, Shino Glaze by Richard St. John Heeley. 

Wood fired porcelain tea bowl. The Shino glaze has produced a soft gold colour that blends into orange and pink tones with a silver soda flash at one point. Two deep inky black fish sit on a gentle movement of white slip on either side of the bowl With great balance and weight, this is a slightly wider tea bowl – a Chawan. The porcelain has a distinct black fleck from the river sand addition, the iron melting with the body and glaze, and a light seasoning of ash on the rim.

It is stamped with three marks: Richard St John Heeley, the Hempmill stamp and the oak leaf stamp that indicates it has been fired in the wood kiln.

It has its own wooden box with decorated mulberry paper wrapping,

Dimensions: H100mm – W105mm

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