Richard St. John Heeley- Tea Caddy with Porcelain Lid

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Richard St. John Heeley- Tea Caddy with Porcelain Lid


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Product Description

Stoneware tea caddy with porcelain lid by Richard St. John Heeley. 

Fired under the fire box on its side on a small clay tripod. The surface is created by layers of ash building up and fluxing with the clay body. At its heaviest the ash has built up to form a ‘chun’ blue streak. There is gold leaf repair at a point where one tripod tip has fused with the clay surface and has been ground off. These are very special pieces as the kiln only produces a few of these each firing. The porcelain lid is made and measured to fit, calculating shrinkage, and fired separately. The contrasting surface of the pure porcelain highlights the volcanic texture of the caddy.

Dimensions: H140mm – W85mm

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