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Tea Jar with airtight Lid- Mirka Randová


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Product Description

White stoneware oxidation-fired tea jar. Crystal glaze outside, white glazed inside. The jar has an inside lid with an airtight fit by Mirka Randová.

Size: about 1,6liter

Mirka Randová

Mirka Randová was born in May 1976, and her first encounter with ceramic was on College of Lake County in 1998. The most significant influence on her future with ceramic had Terra Incognito Studio in Oak Park, where she was introduced towood firing.

In 2006 she moved to village Doupě in the southern part of the Czech Republic, building a house and studio. She also teaches studio ceramics technology and hastaken part in exhibitions and festivals in Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, France, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA.

She focuses on teaware pottery and cooperation with chefs to produce custom handmade service ware. Mirka works with stoneware, porcelain, and flameware. She fires her work in electric, gas, and wood kiln. She does not want to be limited by the choice of one technique.

She decides on the process best fitted for each work, carefully weighing function and esthetic benefits. She designs work with the idea that it comes fully alive by use and becomes part of someone’s daily or occasional rituals.

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