This morning I passed by the victorian office when picking up the keys and I sat down and spoke to Father Christmas, who asked me if I have been naughty or nice! Instead of a lump of coal you get a ball of clay! The markets happening upstairs, there’s some lovely bottle oven baubles and stained glass sun catchers.

All going well on the making front, made my hob to table soup pots, then swung by McGuinness metal merchants to see if they had anything suitable for the lid. This guy Russ kindly cut me up some carbon steel but after hammering it into shape they might be a bit too heavy duty for such a tiny pot. So I’m still on the look out with a vision in mind.

I also made some dishes that look like they should be used for baking sardines in and I joined Will on throwing big ol’ bowls. Starting on the white clay this week eeeek. We had our first batch of college range mugs out the gas kiln, it’s sweet you can tell who made what by the way the handle has been pulled.

No more quince on the tree, maybe next year I’ll make some jelly, Maya has loaded me up on the elderberry.

El x