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The Clay College Gallery is reopening next Wednesday 22th of July from 10am.
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 10am – 4pm
Middleport Potteries – Plan your visit here

The College hosts around 5-6 different exhibitions a year of 8-9 potters at a time. Each exhibition tries to show the breadth of contemporary practice around a specific theme, sometimes following specifically what the students are studying.
If you’d like to stay up to date with the exhibition programme please sign up to the mailing list below.
COVID-19: We ask you to wear a mask when entering the gallery, we can provide gloves if you want to handle any pots.

Jess, our knowledgeable and resourceful Gallery Assistant, is available for questions or enquiries regarding any items you are interested in.  Please email her at

You can browse the ceramics that are for sale by visiting our online Shop where we are also selling mugs from the new College Ware, aprons and tools.


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