Exhibition – Surface and Form

This week we opened part one of the Surface and Form Exhibition. This pair of exhibitions aim to show the breadth of ceramics practice. Showing how different clay bodies are used to make both functional and decorative ware. The first exhibition is both colourful and diverse celebrating the versatility of clay and the many ways [...]

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Exhibition – Porcelain

This week we opened the Porcelain Exhibition. This happened at the end of a busy week which saw leading potter Adam Frew working with the students and delivering a Masterclass. Adam was described by the New York Times as an Irish designer ‘to know right now’, Adam trained with Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery [...]

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Exhibition – Hand Built

The next exhibition to open in the gallery was the Hand Built Exhibition. This exhibition followed on from the trip to Japan and Masterclasses with Ken Matsuzaki and John Higgins. This exhibition also reflected the current student project focusing on hand build techniques and forms. The exhibition showcases different ways to hand build and use [...]

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Exhibition – Wood Fire

To coincide with Steve Harrison visiting to build the wood kiln the gallery also hosted a Wood Fire Exhibition. The exhibition featured different approaches to wood-fired pottery through the work of leading potters; Svend Bayer, Matthew Blakely, Nic Collins, Nancy Fuller, Steve Harrison, Stephen Parry and Rizü Takahashi. During the opening the college was visited [...]

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Exhibition – Salt and Soda

The next exhibition to open in the gallery was Salt and Soda. This exhibition reflected the next projects focusing on abstract forms, large jugs and the building on site of a soda kiln.  This also reflected the terms guest tutors Walter Keeler, Ruth King and Lisa Hammond. The exhibition showcased different approaches to the use of [...]

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