Watching demonstrations of other potters process is very inspiring, opening you up to a range of new possibilities and ways of making that you have never been exposed to before. In line with our earthenware mug project, we had a masterclass with Dylan Bowen. Dylan showed us many of his techniques, including how he hand-builds his plates and jugs, throws and alters platters and slip decorates his work. Dylan maintains a tangible joy in his making process and a playfulness that allows for experimentation and a disruption of traditional forms and making. With the slip trailer he has created his own sort of language with mark making, playing with wet on wet slip application so there is an interaction with the base layer of slip and the slip trailed line on top. After the demonstrations, Dylan showed us his finished pieces which are on display in the gallery for the current Earthernware Exhibition. We discussed how he glazes each piece, using a combination of honey, clear and green glazes and the contrast he creates with the unglazed body. It was real pleasure to see, discuss and handle Dylan’s pots, as he took us through each making stage.  All of us left thoroughly inspired and given a new lease of energy to finish and decorate our final pieces – there is nothing like seeing a passionate maker work, thank you, Dylan!

Alice Wakefield