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100 Years of Leach and Hamada Influence Exhibition

The exhibition will feature a wonderful range of work by potters who have all been influenced by Leach and Hamada in some way. Featuring work by Clive Bowen, Jim Malone, Ken Matsusaki, Roelof Uys, Kat Wheeler, William Plumptre, Peter Swanson and James Hake as well as Leach Standard Ware and Hamada Standard Ware. We will also have a historical and modern display of work by their contemporaries from the UK and Japan.

The gallery is open daily from 11am-3pm but if you’re unable to visit the gallery in person, the exhibition will be available to view and purchase from on the Clay College Website, follow this link.

This exhibition closes on Monday 15th November.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch sending an email to or by calling us on 01782 969792

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