A quiet, slightly dreary grey Sunday here in the gallery today. The extra time between customers gave a chance to open and unload little electric, and see some of the final work for assessment for the first time. Following on from Hannah’s post yesterday, here is the kiln opened! Notice how the stack has to be quite different for a glaze firing relative to a bisque – you can’t have pots touching in a glaze firing and so have to plan each shelf to maximise the efficiency in a slightly different way than you would when bisque firing.

The glazes were being made and remade down to the wire, but it looks like we have had great results with both the honey glaze and the clear. Very inspiring to see the range of different results that can come from just two glazes, and basic slips.

Kiln opening at clay college

Affectionately named ‘little electric’ – the view through the door as the kiln was opened