The students are really enjoying making pots for their current project where they will be firing the college’s Wood kiln at Hempmill Pottery with Richard St John Heeley, as well as the Soda kiln at the college with Lisa Hammond! One student is working remotely in Devon and will be participating in an Anagama firing as well as Soda firing with Sabine Nemet and Nic Collins!

The forms the students are focusing on are Bottles, Vases, Teabowls and Beakers. They have been doing a lot of research about which slips, glazes and clay bodies will be appropriate for each firing and are hoping for some exciting results!

We were really lucky to have Sabine Nemet for a 3 day masterclass where she demonstrated many of her making processes and was really generous with her extensive knowledge of soda firing, answering the many questions the students had! Here are some images of what we have been up to!

Written by Clay College Student Frances Savage